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Four Corners. Four Paws. Joy in every wag of their tail.


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About Us

At Four Corner Puppies, we’re more than just a kennel – we’re a close-knit, family-owned operation passionate about raising the happiest and healthiest puppies. We believe every puppy deserves a loving home, and every home deserves a joyful puppy. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to nurturing each puppy with utmost care and affection.

What food do we recommend? Pawtree!

We want all of our puppies to live long, happy, and healthy lives. We recommend Pawtree products in order to give your puppy the best nutrients to make this possible. 


"We love our F1B Mini Bernedoodle from James and Lindy Hilty. They communicated very well thru the process and we have a delightful, smart, and healthy puppy."

Jonah Collier

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